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Shana James Photography

It’s been a while since I’ve got to feature one of Grande Prairie’s amazing local businesses. This month I am beyond excited to share with you all Shana James Photography. Now I am completely biased, but I think she is amazing! Earlier this spring she took headshots for our office then later this summer my husband and I had the chance to do a couple’s shoot with her and the pictures blew my mind. It seems like every couple (or family) has at least one person who is not so keen on being in front of the camera (*cough, cough my husband). Lucky for us Shana took us through an experience that felt less like posing for a camera and more like our lives, and who we were at that exact moment in time, being beautifully captured.

I sat down with Shana to discuss her business and here’s what she had to say:

This incredible journey of hers first began with real estate photography then it turned into an overabundance of iPhone pictures while travelling, and finally into a full fledge photography company. I asked her why she made that transition from landscape and interior photography to shooting people. She went on to share that although she still enjoys real estate photography it can become monotonous, all houses (although gorgeous), require the same skillset and types of pictures whereas each portrait shoot brings unique people and a completely different experience.  Her face broke into a radiant smile as she talked about her clients; the wedding she second shot for, the surprise engagement, the families, the couples, and the connection she got to make with each person. "I love the moment where everyone settles in, gets comfortable, and we begin to laugh, talk, and become friends!"

Throughout our conversation and reflecting back on mine and my husband’s experience with her, what kept coming up again and again is how much she values authenticity. She explained that her clients are not models, they’re humans, and “I want to capture the beauty of their humanness”.  From a laugh, to a tender look, to a child twirling in the background while the parents are being photographed, she lives for these moments.  In her mind these are the things that should be photographed, the rawness of life, the realness of life, and the beauty of living.

If you’ve ever looked through her website or Instagram feed that’s exactly what you’ll get; life, overflowing joy, and authenticity. You’ll get real humans captured, shared, and beautiful.

As I mentioned in the beginning I am biased, so I would recommend checking her out for yourself. Shana offers an array of services ranging from real estate photos to portraits and even visual content for marketing. If you are looking for any of those things, click below to find out more. 

Find more at www.shanajamesphotography.com