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As someone who has dealt with anxiety for most of my adult life, my husband and I decided pretty early on in our marriage that we were willing to pay for peace of mind. After looking at our life and where most of my fear came from we decided we needed to talk to a professional, cue Myste of Myste Kruger Financial Services. The first time I stepped into her office I was scared, I knew we didn’t have the clout to be considered “serious” financial clients but I just wanted some direction, help, and peace. After walking out of her office an hour and a half later I had found all of that and more.

When Myste first joined the finance/insurance industry it wasn’t a “life-calling” or something she had dreamt about since she was a child, rather a small desire in her for something more. As an Optician with a steady job and predictable future it was a huge risk to leave all that behind and step into the unknown world of finance…just a short 22 years later and Myste has never looked back.

The finance world, and often the professionals in it, have a negative stigma of only helping the wealthy. Although many advisers have minimum net worth requirements, Myste does not. Her goal is to help all her clients build wealth. To set them up with plans that work where they are right now and provide security moving forward. As a recovering skeptic myself I asked Myste why people need individual insurance, or to even think about retirement? Most people have insurance through work, pension plans, and government funding, so why spend the extra money? Although she understands that side and where people are coming from she’s seen the bad, the ugly, and the false security many of these plans provide. What I hope to do, Myste said, is give people control, to make them the boss of their plan, their life, and their future. That answer sums up Myste and her business philosophy. She doesn’t want to tell people what to do, rather she aspires to give them the tools, education, and support they need to decide what they need moving forward.

I asked Myste one final question, what makes a good day at work? Without skipping a beat she said if I got to educate someone today.

Regardless of where you are financially I encourage you to talk to Myste. Soak up the knowledge she so willingly dispenses and make educated plans that will protect you and your loved ones both now and in the future. 

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