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Mercanti Granite & Quartz

One of my favourite things in the world is meeting people who are passionate about what they do; my recent meeting with Tim of Mercanti Granite & Quartz definitely fit the bill. Tim is a laidback guy, introverted and unassuming but ask him about what he does for a living and his whole body language shifts. He lit up as he showed me the wide variety of granite and quartz they have available, the various textures of each, and of course the new Cambria product line. He clearly LOVES what he does and who he does it with, his family. When people say family run business they have to be talking about Mercanti; Tim and his wife Bethany own the company but working alongside them are Tim’s parents, his brother, and his cousin. The entire family’s livelihood is based on the success of this company which adds some fuel to Tim’s desire for success.

Mercanti Granite and Quartz began in 2012 and has only grown since. Over the last 7 years Mercanti has worked hard to establish themselves as a pillar business in the region. They have fostered relationships with builders and homeowners alike working hard to give each customer an exceptional experience. As a self-proclaimed computer nerd, Tim is intrigued with all the technology involved in the industry. He is constantly researching better products and machines in hopes of staying ahead of the game and bringing an even better and more efficient service to their customers. Something Mercanti as a company prides itself in is delivering on expectations, and doing so in a timely fashion. They don’t like surprises and know their customers don’t either so they work hard behind the scenes to come up with solutions before a problem ever arises. Having worked with them on my own house almost 3 years ago I can vouch for this company, their service, their problem-solving, and their product.

I asked Tim if there was anything else he wanted people to know about his company, after sifting through his thoughts he responded by saying “we’re sticking around”. Mercanti Granite and Quartz is not a means to an end, or a short term plan. This is his future, his family’s future, and their future is Grande Prairie.

If you are looking to refresh your current home or are building new and want the wow factor give this great family run business a call and see how they can work for you.

Find out more at http://www.mgaq.ca/