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Grande bUilt Homes

Do you ever talk to someone and walk away thinking “wow that’s the nicest person ever”. That’s the feeling I had as I walked away from my meeting with Jordan, the owner of Grande Built Homes. He and his wife, Jessica, have created a company with modern design elements while still holding true to the commitment of quality products and quality service. I asked Jordan what differentiates Grande Built Homes from everyone else in Grande Prairie; he paused for a minute before taking a second to compliment other builders. He discussed the standards they all adhere to and was quick to state that Grande Built homes are not superior to other builders they are simply different. Rather than play the comparison game Jordan chose to explain what their mission is and what they are hoping to accomplish with each home. They want to create great quality homes that home buyers will love while providing a great experience that everyone feels good about. The experience portion and the desire to deliver exceptional service continued to come up, what stood out to me was when Jordan said that even once the home is sold “we’re still there after”. It was clear that he prides himself on service and wants each customer to not only know that but experience it. After looking around the office/show home and the adorable design center they have Jordan asked if I wanted to tour some homes, which I of course could not pass up! I had the pleasure of viewing 5 different homes with different layouts, square feet, price ranges, design choices, and overall feel.  As we walked through the homes Jordan explained the little details that made all the difference: from the vaults in the ceiling to the stair treads to the color palette. Each home had a distinct feel yet was clearly a Grande Built design. Their two story plans were my favorite with the large islands, spacious entries, and overall functionality. An aspect I appreciated was that each home had a master bedroom with an ensuite, a walk in closet, and enough room for a king size bed. Being a huge fan of how spaces are designed I loved the staging which allowed me to not only visualize the scale of the space but what it could look like if I hired a talented designer like Jessica. I had viewed their products online but was impressed that they looked even better in person. I honestly cannot speak highly enough about this company but also the people. If you are in the market for a spec home that feels customized be sure to check them out.

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