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The Vulnerability of Getting a Mortgage
Let’s face it, most of us have (or at some point have had) a fear of being “found out”. Did you know that this is actually called imposter syndrome and it’s estimated that about 70% of people will...
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I Don't Remember (Remembrance Day Blog)
The past couple of days I have found myself reflecting on Remembrance Day and all that it means. As I thought about it I kept coming back to the same thought that I will never fully understand the...
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Broker vs. Bank
Of people who purchased a home in 2017-2018 62% used a bank to complete their mortgage. I think banks are great, we have access to several within the broker channel and I have relationships with...
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Why I became a Mortgage Agent
From the day we got married my husband and I set a goal to buy a home together within a year. That first year involved numerous sacrifices on our part all in hopes of saving up enough money for a down...
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