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What can I afford?
Whenever a client comes in to see me and we get to the part about purchase price I ask them if they had a certain price point in mind. Most people do so I plug in that number and we proceed. Without...
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Demystifying your Credit Score
When applying for a mortgage many different factors are taken into consideration; net worth, income, job history, savings, payments, loans, other properties, and of course, credit.Credit scores are a...
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Common Mortgage Terms
Like anyone in their field, the mortgage industry seems to have a language of its own. This oftentimes leaves outsiders scratching their head wondering what it all means. Today I am going to break...
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7 Steps to Save your Down Payment
So you want to buy a house. Most of us have been there, made the decision that we’re ready to own a piece of land all of our own, unfortunately it’s not that simple. You figured out the what, buying a...
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